November in Nepal

Every month we get updates directly from the students!

The month of November is filled with enthusiasm. After a long vacation of about one month, schools, colleges, and offices started re-opening. I joined a medical institute for the preparation of entrance in BDS. I chose a morning shift hoping  to be active and give my full concentration in the class. It takes about  an hour to reach the institute from here. So I wake at five in the morning , get ready and reach the bus stop at five thirty. My class starts from six thirty to eleven. When I return home, I eat lunch , rest for a while and revise what was taught in the classroom. So this is how I have been engaging myself after the completion of my higher level education. Also the grade 12th results were out this week. I secured an A and was satisfied with the result.

As for now, I have been  putting a lot of effort into  preparing for the entrance as I am serious about studying dentistry in the bachelors. Well, it’s not as easy as I had thought but I am working on making it easy for me.I am blessed to have HCC by my side.



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