New Classroom Furniture in Benighat

The Benighat Outreach Project is continuing!

In the early days of the Covid-19 pandemic, a community in crisis was brought to our attention. In the years since, we have provided food assistance, warm clothing, school supplies, and more, while working towards larger projects, all made possible by partnerships with foundations like Charlie’s Heart Foundation, and Rotary International to help the remote, rural community of Benighat survive!

Recently, with the help of a group from the tiny island of La Reunion (east of Madagascar, in the Indian Ocean) we were able to commission new school furniture for the 5 schools in Benighat. The generous donation enabled us to not only provide classroom furniture, but support the local workers in Benighat who made the furniture.

Throughout the 5 schools we distributed 40 bench-desk sets, 115 cushions, 30 tables, 3 large work tables, a podium and carpet for 8 classrooms.

Being able to provide these basics makes a huge difference to the students, teachers and administrators and these unspeakably underfunded school. We are so grateful for the support and trust our sponsors have in up to provide these important services!!





Principal Bishnu Khadka, of Richok Irang Basic School wrote this letter of thanks:

Dear HCC,

On behalf of the school community, I am writing to express our sincere gratitude for the furniture support that you have provided to our school. The new furniture has made a significant difference in the quality of education for our students.

Prior to your support, our school was struggling to provide a comfortable and appropriate learning environment for our students. The old furniture was worn out and uncomfortable, and it was difficult to fit all of our students into the classrooms. As a result, many of our students were not able to focus on their studies, and their attendance was poor.

The new furniture has made a world of difference. The carpets are soft and comfortable, and the desks and chairs are the right size for our students. This has allowed our students to focus on their studies and improve their attendance. In addition, the new furniture has created a more inviting and stimulating learning environment.

For example, the new round tables have made it easier for students to collaborate on projects. The multi-colour desk benches have made it easier for students of different ages to sit together. And the comfortable carpets have made it easier for students to sit and read quietly.

The beneficiaries’ guardians are also grateful for the support that you have provided to our guardians.

As a result of your support, our school is now a more welcoming and supportive environment for our student’s education. We are grateful for your partnership, and we look forward to continuing to work with you to improve the quality of education for our students.



If you want to help support our outreach in Benighat, and beyond, donate today!

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