Our Mission

Himalayan Children’s Charities creates paths out of poverty for vulnerable children and at-risk youth. Through investment in quality education, innovative mentorship and a loving family environment, we help build lives of leadership.

Who We Are

We are a compassionate, global community of professionals, philanthropists, and the students in our programs. We empower youth in Nepal who have lost homes and families but not the desire to become educated, self-sufficient and contributing members of their communities.

HCC Himalayan Children's Charities Award Ceremony

What We Do

We mentor orphaned and abandoned children in Nepal to achieve sustainable paths to success, creating the next generation of professionals, leaders, and changemakers.

How We Do It

Through a caring family environment, leading-edge education and comprehensive leadership training, we create a nurturing environment in which students can thrive and realize their skills, talents and dreams.

Why We Do it

We are called to action by the tremendous potential of a child who would have no access to fulfilling that potential. We invest in children who are motivated to succeed but have never been given the opportunity and, in doing this, we find ourselves transformed.