Family Culture

Family forms the foundation for self-image, confidence and healthy relationships, and we are dedicated to creating a surrogate family culture for the students in our programs.
Students in the Signature Program in grade 10 and below attend boarding school but spend weekends and holidays at our youth home, Khushi Ghar, which means “Happy Home” in Nepali. Khushi Ghar is always busy and bustling with family life. Two live-in house parents provide the foundation of the family environment and offer consistent care and guidance. Students in grades 11 and 12 live at Khushi Ghar full time and act as big “brothers and sisters”, supporting the younger students with their personal and academic growth. In addition, our two Nepali implementing partners, HCC-Nepal and Creating Possibilities, are both based at Khushi Ghar, ensuring someone is always on hand to help.
Students in the PEAK Program live semi-independently in two annex apartments close to Khushi Ghar. During this time they receive extensive mentorship and life skills training from the HCC staff to ensure a smooth transition to an independent life. Students are given an monthly allowance and are taught to budget their finances and manage their household needs. The PEAK students are still very involved with life at Khushi Ghar, tutoring the younger students, joining for family dinners and often leading fun extracurricular activities, like sports, music, and crafts.
Signature Program students in 2017
Signature Program students in 2017
Many of HCC graduates stay involved, regularly visiting Khushi Ghar to help lead projects, mentor the younger students and spend festive holidays with their family.