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Trekking in Nepal

One of the biggest draws of Nepal for travelers and locals alike is the breathtaking scenery. From the beautiful lakes, gorgeous temples and bustling cities, Nepal has a lot of offer to visitors as well as citizens seeking to enjoy and appreciate their home. Perhaps nothing encapsulates the allure of Nepal more than the presence of the Himalayas, particularly the highest point on the globe, Mt. Everest. Recently, avid hikers embarked on a trek through the Himalayas and part of their trekking fees were used to benefiting HCC programming.

Himalayan Sewa Expedition and Trek are a trekking company in Kathmandu owned by Rajendra Timalsina, Dinesh Raj Sapkota and Madhav Dhamala with which HCC has long been connected. HCC student Manoj Shrestra even developed Himalayan Sewa’s website. Currently, they have raised 7,000 Nepali Rupees for HCC programming, and Rajendra and Madhav have committed to making on-going donations to HCC programs and students. Check out Himalayan Sewa Expedition and Trek here.