Student Update: Pushpa’s Pokhara Trip

HCC Nepal Pushpa with friends

The following update was written by HCC senior student Pushpa. 

HCC Nepal Pushpa with friendsI am Pushpa Bam and I recently finished my SEE (Secondary Education Examination). For a break and as a graduation gift, three of us (Harsha, Bina and myself) were given a chance to go to Pokhara with visitors from the Maya Gold Foundation. We were about 12 people including eight people from the Maya Gold Foundation and four from HCC. We enjoyed it a lot.

On the first day, we reached Pokhara at 7 pm. We ate our dinner and went to sleep very soon because we were tired. On the second day, we ate our breakfast and went to Fewa Lake for boating. After that, we went trekking to Peace Pagoda. We went to the Tibetan refugee settlements and bought some souvenirs for myself and other students at Khushi Ghar. The Maya Gold Foundation gave me a small bag, necklace, and pendant, and I also gave some souvenirs to them. We also went to Davis Falls. We took some pictures and roamed around. Davis Falls was so good to look at; I enjoyed the wind and the flowing water. Then we went back to the hotel and ate our dinner. On the third day, we made a plan to travel by boat for an hour, eat lunch and visit the international museum but we were late so we did not go to the museum and instead, we went to Gumba in Hemja. In Hemja, some of us went shopping and also visited nearby Gumba. Later, we took an early dinner as we had to leave for Kathmandu early the next day. On the fourth day, we ate our breakfast at 7 am and left for Kathmandu. On the way, we stopped by the Begnas Lake for an hour, and it was a lovely lake. We reached Kathmandu at 7 pm.

HCC Nepal Pushpa Safety VestI had an amazing time in Pokhara. It was a beautiful and clean city. And I got to know the Maya Gold Foundation more closely. All of you were good and caring people. Thank you for giving us this chance to visit Pokhara. I loved going out of Kathmandu valley for four days. It was a good break for me.