Harsha is Finding His Path


Harsha graduated high school in the fall and started college to study Hotel Management. 


After I came to Khushi Ghar, my life changed in a good way. I was able to handle my problems myself, and if not me then someone in Khushi Ghar will always be there to help me when I am in need. My life now is better than before. My life has improved a lot because I do all my work myself. Before I used to depend upon others for everything but now I am living an independent life.

Showing the world what you can do is the feeling of success. You should never compare with others; you should always trust in who you are and what you can do.  And do not expect someone to push you for your success; it is you who needs to move ahead. It is not easy to become successful; you should also be able to overcome the challenges. 

My biggest success in my life is that I am able to study what I want to become in future. This is possible because of HCC supporters who are always there during my hardships. Right now, I am having practical classes from my University and I am doing well in my studies.

My goal in life is to become a successful hotel manager. For that, I need to do a lot of hard work in my studies. During my free time, I also have been helping to cook in Khushi Ghar. I love cooking.

Besides studies, I love playing football and basketball. I have received awards from my school as well as inter-school basketball and football (soccer) tournaments. I also got most valuable player. This is also a huge success for me. Since my childhood I loved playing football and wanted to become a player and challenge different teams. I also got selected for the Russia football game. The wish can never be fulfilled if we do not give our efforts and our best. I realized that hard work is the word that you should always remember and work for it.


Thank You!!



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