Congratulations to our Two Newest Graduates!

HCC Nepal Newest Grad
HCC Nepal Two Newest Grads

HCC Graduation Group Photo

We are so proud and excited to announce to everyone that two of HCC’s Signature Program Students have now joined the ranks of HCC Graduates! Upon their graduation from university, Nari and Rupesh have each graduated from HCC’s Signature Program. Hira Sapkota, HCC’s Director of Student Programs and Hostel Services and HCC resident “House Mom” for HCC kids, spoke of Nari and Rupesh’s new and exciting transition into a new phase of their young life:

A major accomplishment for us this year was the graduation of Nari and Rupesh from University…It has given me the utmost pleasure and satisfaction to see our graduated students do extremely well in their lives and become independent.

Nari and Rupesh have bachelors degrees in Nursing and Hotel Management, respectively. Congratulations to our newest graduates! We cannot wait to watch and cheer Nari and Rupesh as they pursue their dreams.

HCC Nepal Newest Grad

HCC Co-Founders Bruce and Susan Keenan with Nari at HCC Graduation