Supplies for Benighat Schools

For the last year we have been helping support a marginalized community in Behighat, Dhading. The Pandemic plunged many families into abject poverty. To help their children stay in school HCC has been providing food support, educational supplies as well as other person hygiene items. On the most recent trip, Mun Maya, Dinesh and HCC students Koshish and Dikshanta traveled to Benighat, Rorang  Dhading to distribute supplies to the 5 schools in our outreach program.

All 292 students received new uniforms. Uniforms are required and many students end up wearing very tattered and dirty clothes to school to fulfill the requirement. The two new uniforms each child received will make it easier to clean or repair their uniforms.

We provided stationery items such as paper, packs of pencils and colored pencils, pens, a pencil case, erasers, sketch books, and rulers to 194 students to help in their studies and academic performance. 

Additionally, we distributed personal hygiene items such as soap, hair oil, toothbrush, toothpaste, hair comb, vaseline cream, nail cutter, etc to 194 students. 

We helped educated them on the benefits and importance of good personal hygiene in preventing children from picking up or spreading germs and infectious diseases.

Each child received the stationary and personal care packed in new backpacks for them to carry to school.

There is a lot of work to be done to help this community, and all the schools and families of the supported students who received the support were grateful and said that the support of the organization will make a positive impact in the students lives. 

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