January Volunteer Dispatch pt.2

Students in the Peak Program in Kathmadu volunteer every month at various places in their community. Sometimes they join organized groups, sometimes they organize their own projects. Volunteering helps develop a passion for philanthropy and instills the importance of giving back to your community. Our future veterinarian, Ambika, volunteers at the Katmandu Animal Treatment Center every month. In January she brought her sister and some friends to join her.

From Ambika & Ganga:

A: As a volunteer in January, I went to KAT as usual. I am very happy to volunteer here and I am learning many things from here. It always gives me a new idea of handling cases that come there. I will be giving almost seven hours of my time here. It’s fruitful spending time there. I also went with my sister Ganga. She is really good at helping there.

G: For my volunteer work I went to the  KAT center with my sister. We went there in the morning and I cleaned the kennels of every dog. I fed them and gave them the water. I also played with them! We came home in the afternoon. I enjoyed it a lot there.

From Anukaran:

I am writing this volunteer report to provide an overview of my experience at the KAT Centre (Kathmandu Animal Treatment Centre). We Annex boys went there to volunteer. The KAT Centre is a non-profit organization located in Kathmandu, Nepal, dedicated to improving the welfare of street dogs and cats through rescue, treatment, and adoption programs. I volunteered at the center  and had the opportunity to contribute to their mission and witness their impactful work firsthand.

During my time at the KAT Centre, I participated in various activities that aimed to support the organization’s objectives. I assisted the center’s staff in providing care to the rescued animals. This involved feeding the animals, cleaning their enclosures, and providing them with exercise and socialization. 

My experience as a volunteer at the KAT Centre was both fulfilling and eye-opening. The dedication of the staff and volunteers towards improving the lives of street dogs and cats was inspiring. I learned valuable lessons about animal welfare, compassion, and the importance of community involvement. I am grateful for the opportunity to have contributed to the KAT Centre’s mission and would highly recommend others to volunteer at this remarkable organization. Their work not only transforms the lives of animals but also creates a positive impact on society as a whole.

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