HCC Students Volunteer

Students in the Peak Program in Kathmandu are required to volunteer to promote awareness and inspire them to pursue a life of giving back to their community.


Peak Students spread out around Kathmandu Valley in December to volunteer their time to help others. The students get to choose their organizations, so the projects were as different as our kids!

Angela, Manika, Pushpa and DIpa help orphaned children enjoy Christmas at the Twin Otters boys home. The girls wereable to help the boys with their homework, brought gifts, santa hats, cakes and games and spent the day spreading cheer.

“I was thrilled to have spent my time with the children. Seeing them smile from ear to ears after we entered the gate made my heart happy.  We cut the cake by singing Christmas carols. It was heartbreaking when we offered to cut the cake and they said that they don’t know how to. This made me realize how lucky we really are.  After doing a couple of activities, we gave them chocolates, noodles and juices as a Christmas gift. They were really happy to get the gifts. At the end we had to return. We could see the sad eyes bidding us goodbyes. We had a blast day with them. It was worth the day to remember. We were really happy to be part of their smiles even if it was for a day.” – Manika

Bina, Saraswati, Siwani and Chadani opted to spend a sunny morning cleaning up a strech of road near the girls annex. 

As we worked, we chatted with each other and with passing pedestrians and drivers, who thanked us for our efforts. It was a great feeling to know that we were making a positive impact on our community, even in a small way.

As the morning went on, we made our way down the road, filling up more and more bags with trash. It was hard work, but it was also rewarding to see the difference we were making.

By the end of the morning, we had collected dozens of bags of trash and had cleaned up a significant stretch of road. It was a great sense of accomplishment and responsibility to be able to contribute to the well-being of our community in this way.” – Chadani

The students from the boys annex also participated in a neighborhood clean up! 

People on the street thanked us for our efforts. It made us feel good that we could help. Throughout the day, we kept filling up more and more bags. It was satisfying to see the difference we were making. When we were through, we had gathered more than three bags of rubbish and cleaned up a sizable area of the road. The satisfaction of being able to help our community was wonderful. Overall, helping with my friends was a positive experience. I intend to repeat it and inspire others to participate.” – Harsha

Ambika opted for a volunteer opportunity in her field of veterinary medicine!

“I go every Sunday there and do some bandaging and treatment for the cats and dogs at Kat Center Nepal. I observe things done by doctors and vet nurses. I  also prepared some medicine required for the operation.  I feel really good at that place. The love and care for animals has grown much deeper. The place I volunteer is now a second home and a good place to learn for me. I am learning very good things along with the service I am doing for the animals. The importance of animals in our life is a must to understand us and to give love, care and support to them.” – Ambika



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