Woman’s Day 2024

Every year, we celebrate International Women’s Day at Khushi Ghar. Nepal has a lot of work to do on the gender equity front, so it’s important that both the boys and the girls participate in these celebrations. This year, Suman takes the reigns on the Women’s Day report!


Mom, sister, teacher, or aunt all contribute in their own unique ways. Women can be strong, smart, and kind. Without them it’s hard to think of a world, as they are the one who give us this beautiful life. 

Like every year we celebrate Women’s Day with joyful moments and beautiful memories.This year we had coincidence that  Women’s Day and Hinduism’s greatest festival Shiva Ratri was on the same day. 

Talking about Women’s Day, we had an amazing time celebrating Women’s Day in HCC( Himalayan Children Charity). We had a small program in the presence of Bruce’s uncle packed with cool stuff. Firstly, we meditated for a couple of minutes to be comfortable and to relax our mind. We heard some awesome poems and speeches about incredible women which empowers women. There were songs that made us feel strong, and dances that were both beautiful and powerful.

Group dance was entertaining in the end which made everyone  smile.The best part was the yummy food we all enjoyed together. It was a day full of joy, celebrating the strength and talents of women in the theme Invest in Women: Accelerate Progress as it’s the theme for 2024.

Lastly, I would like to thank every woman in HCC i.e Sumir didi, Susan aunt  and especially Hira aunty who did not let us feel absence of a mother.

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