What Success Means to Saraswati

Saraswati will earn her Bachelor’s Degree in March, she has been with HCC for 10 years and is excited to graduated and start the next chapter of her life.


For me, success is achieving the target set by yourself and gaining it through your hard work and dedication (which also includes the life skills training that I got to learn at Khushi Ghar). Success is also being able to make people around you proud with all your achievements.

I feel successful being able to complete my responsibilities as a senior sister to all junior brother and sisters at Khushi Ghar. I also feel successful being able to live a life at a different area of the country, far from the capital city on my own and completing my university degree. 

I was very scared when I had no choice but to travel to Bhairahawa to complete my further studies. I had a very hard time adjusting to the new environment which was very different from the kind of life I had in Kathmandu. I finally got used to the way and started enjoying my life there. I take this as the biggest achievement in my life. And now, I have completed my studies and have planned to work in hospital. This is all possible because of HCC family. If it had not been the HCC family, I would not be this successful as I am today.

Thank you so much!!


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