Students Celebrate Nepali Holidays with Family Time and Community Service

HCC Nepal Nepali Holidays
HCC Nepal Nepali Holidays

Graduates at HCC Tihar celebrations

The autumn is an important time in Nepal, where two of the most significant holidays on the Nepali calendar are celebrated. Dashain and Tihar dominate the fall calendar with days dedicated to celebrating family, friends, natural resources and religious and cultural traditions. At Khushi Ghar, HCC’s youth home in Kathmandu, students chose to use the holidays as a time to both celebrate their HCC family as well as give back to the greater community at large.

Nepali Holidays Girls in Blue

HCC KAT Centre volunteers

During Dashain, students conducted a neighborhood clean up to prepare for the holidays, attacking the sight of litter with gusto. The neighborhood was encouraged by the students’ actions, and HCC has left the door open for future community clean-up opportunities with Khushi Ghar neighbors. The following month, during Tihar, students volunteered at the Kathmandu Animal Treatment Centre (KAT Centre) on Kukur Tihar. Tihar is a five-day celebration with each day focused on a specific idea. On Kukur Tihar, the special relationship between dogs and humans are celebrated. Students worked at the KAT Centre on Kukur Tihar to help look after stray and abandoned dogs that are being housed by the center. It was a great day of both family time as well as community service.

Check out more photos of our Nepali holiday gatherings for both Dashain and Tihar.

Nepali Holidays 4 Girls Colorful Dress

Senior HCC Women at Khushi Ghar during Dashain

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