Student Spotlight: Rina

Rina recently graduated from grade 10 and moved into Khushi Ghar full time. She is using her time before she starts school again in the fall to volunteer and give back to her community. She wrote us a letter about this month's theme: JOY


I have felt joy many times in my life. Even now I am feeling joy when re-calling the joyful moments of my life. I have many incidences when I feel joy, including:

  • Playing basketball with my friends brings joy in my life. When I play basketball I forget bad memories and my tensions and I enjoy the game with a free mind.
  • When people in my life appreciate my hard work and talents I feel joy at that time.
  • I like that people motivate and encourage me to do better in my life. That brings joy to me.

For me, joy is not only about being happy, but also about making others around me happy, satisfied and comfortable. This is an important aspect of joy.

Rina hard at work with her lice comb.

Right now I am volunteering at the Early Childhood Education Centre (ECCA). ECCA is an organization that works for the welfare of the children and conservation of nature in Nepal. My job is that I go to different schools as a volunteer and help the students to be free from lice by applying a solution in their head and combing their hair with a lice comb. Because of my simple help hundreds of students are getting free of lice, which is freeing the students from tension and irritation. They are also happy that their friends are not teasing them anymore. When I visit their schools again for my follow-up visits, the students come and thank me for my help. It feels really good to hear these words. These simple words of gratitude mean a lot to me, and I feel joy when I help people.

There are many children who need a sister like me to have good interactions and maintain their personal hygiene. I love the children and mostly being the source of entertainment to them. When I see the smile on their faces I feel joy at that time.

I also feel joy when I see others succeed.

For example, my brothers and sisters at HCC are hardworking, honest and deserving people, so watching them succeed in achieving their goals in life brings me joy. Whether it’s graduating from college, traveling to new places, getting their first job or the job of their dreams, I feel joyful.

So, for me joy is being happy, being able to make others happy, and being happy for others.




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