New Student at Khushi Ghar! Meet Pabitra

Pabitra recently finished her grade 10 in her home village of Dhading and moved into Khushi Ghar to continue her education, she wants to be a social worker. All month we are asking the students to tell us what education means to them, here Pabitra elaborates on what the opportunity means to her:


Education is one of the most important tools of our life. Without education it is impossible to do so many things. Education is the key if we want to bring changes in our home and family, society, country and world. Personal and societal development is the result of education. All the people living in this world deserve education.

If we look at the history of Nepal, there has been discrimination and social hinderances for people to get education. I believe this has led to more discriminatory practices, and social problems and evils, which continue to hamper the development of the nation today. Nepal is a poor, developing country in part due to a lack of education among the masses. I think that if people had been given an opportunity to go to school since generations past, today Nepal would have been like the United States where things are more well-developed. So, quality education should be given to all. 

Talking about myself, as a child I was supported by my uncle for my care and education in the village. He always took good care of me. At the same time, I had to work a lot so I didn’t have much time to focus on my studies. I used to wake up at 4am each morning to go to work at my uncle’s small restaurant. I would work in the mornings, attend my classes, and then come back to work again until 8pm each night. I used to study as much as I could, but I was often tired and also short on time. 

Being supported by HCC since this year, various doors are opening up for me. My life is beginning to change and even my interests are different and new. I am learning new things here like sewing and I am becoming a part of the HCC family. Before, when I was in the village, I thought that I was the only one like me, without a mom or dad. But when I came to HCC, I met so many friends like me and I don’t feel alone anymore. I am surrounded by people here who understand me, and there are so many more kind people around the world who care about us, and that feels so good. 

Now, I feel that I can do many things in my life, and that there are lots of possibilities in front of me. Before, I used to study in a village government school. I didn’t get to learn English there, and there were not enough teachers. Now I have an opportunity to study in a good college in Kathmandu and I am very thankful.

I feel very happy and grateful that I am being supported by HCC. I have always been curious to know many things in life, to explore many places, and to learn new things which I am unfamiliar with. I had never thought that one day my life would change this beautifully.

For me, education is my first priority, so that I can gain knowledge and move forward in my life. Education is playing a vital role in uplifting my future. 


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