Spring in Nepal

 Every month we get updates straight from the students at Khushi Ghar! Manika sent this short update: on the busy month of March

The month March went by in a blink of an eye. So much has happened in this month. I went to several art exhibitions that are held every three years. But due to the covid it was postponed to this year as it was supposed to be held the previous year. I have been very fond of going to the exhibitions and exploring the art and creativity of other people. I feel a different kind of peace in my mind.

Maya Gold has come to Nepal this month. On the very first day we had our introduction. And I was assigned to the group to go to Ganesh School, a public school located in Bhaktapur. There we painted the entrance wall, played with the students, and had some fun time sketching with the kids.

I was overwhelmed to get to know them and spend time with the kids.


This month, I had my welcome program at my university. The program was organized by my college at Taaj Palace. As we have already got to know each other it became easier for us to enjoy the program. We dance to our heart content. It was very fun. 

I have been doing great at my college. It is a great feeling to get to learn new things everyday. My happiness has taken no bounds as every time i think to myself that I have been stepping stones towards the path of my future that I have always dreamed of since my childhood. 

It is possible to get a step closer toward my future because of the support that I have been receiving from the hcc, donors, and my sponsors. I have no words to explain how grateful I feel everyday thinking about it. I will make sure that the effort, love, support and support you have given will not go in vain. Thank you very much.

Lots of love,



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