Saraswati’s Update from Her Last Year in University


Saraswati has been studying hard and sent us a letter as she finishes her last year of her Bachelor's Degree.

I was so happy to meet with Bruce Uncle and Dinesh Uncle. It had been a monotonous routine and your visit really cheered me up a lot.

I have been focusing on my practicals since the start of my last year in University. I still haven’t thought of where I will be doing my job after I finish my degree. I am planning to stay back in Bhairahawa for a year to
gain more experience which will help me during my Master’s degree. I am planning to be a mammography technologist but I have kept other options too (like-getting a degree in MRI). With the increase of breast canc
er  and considering that there are very few female technologists in the country, I think it will be a very wise decision. I have been made the in-charge of mammography in my college as I am the senior student, I get to perform it every time a patient comes, this has increased my confidence. I am still looking up for other options. 
Studies are difficult but I am having a good time learning everything I can.
Have a great day.
Sending lots of love.