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Since 2015, when devastating earthquakes rocked Nepal, we have been overseeing the care, education and support of Anish, Smiriti, and Monika. We visit them a few times a year, and this year they came to Khushi Ghar!

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On December 28, 2023, a team from HCC Nepal, consisting of staff members Laxmi and Dinesh, along with intern Pushpa, visited the local municipality in Bidur. The visit aimed to engage with the local authority and provide information about our ongoing initiatives.

During the visit, our team had the opportunity to meet with students at Uttargaya School. The focus was on monitoring the progress of four specific students: Anish, Smiriti, Manika, and Arun. The team interacted with the students to understand their academic and personal development.

Our team actively engaged in monitoring activities, including capturing photos and noting written updates about the student’s performance and well-being. This information will be valuable in assessing the impact of our educational support programs.

In addition to monitoring, the team also took the initiative to distribute winter supplies to the students. Recognising the harsh winter conditions in Rasuwa Nuwakot, the distribution aimed to provide the necessary warmth and comfort to the students during the colder months.

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The visit to the local municipality and Uttargaya Public English School on December 28 2023, allowed HCC Nepal to strengthen its connection with the local community. The monitoring activities conducted by the team will contribute to the ongoing improvement of our educational support programs. Furthermore, the distribution of winter supplies reflects our commitment to addressing the holistic needs of the students we serve.