New Students, Settling In

Two new students to the Khushi Ghar family are finding themselves right at home! Both students joined HCC at the start of the school year and we are so happy they are finding their way.

I’ve got to learn so many new things. This month we did many things. We celebrated Saraswati Puja. I had an event in my school that day. We worshiped goddess Saraswati by offering tika and garlands and taking blessings from her for knowledge and wisdom. I had lots of fun that day in school.

I got involved in PEP (Peace Education Program). We have 10 sessions of Peace Education Program in total. Among them, 4 sessions have already been completed. This session helps us to acknowledge peace which is within us and we don’t need to go anywhere to find it. It is a very useful and knowledgeable program for us.

This month one of our sponsors came to visit us. We all had a very useful conversation with him. He was a very nice and generous person. Bruce’s uncle also came to visit us. We talked about our second terminal examination, college experience and so on with him. He motivates us to study hard and do better next time.

We also had a mentorship program this month. We learn about mental health and its importance and impacts in our daily lives. We all members also share our views and experiences regarding mental health. 

In February, our school also organized the Met Gala Championship for three days. I had a lot of fun that day. I took part in an air hockey game. It was fun to take part in different activities and I enjoyed it a lot.

Talking about my second terminal examination, It was not so good. I scored very low marks in my computer science. I need to put more hard effort in math also. Next time, I’ll work hard and score better marks in my exam.

Lastly, I want to express my gratitude to the sponsor for all the love, support and help. Thank you so much. I’m very grateful for what I have now.

I experienced a lot of new things. Firstly, I got involved in the Peace Education Program every Saturday in Khushi Ghar. I am learning the ways to have peace and good moral ethics from these sessions. We also had a mentorship program this month. We talked about mental health in that session. We came up with many unique ideas to maintain good mental health and all of us shared different experiences which led us to have both good and bad mental health. We also welcomed one of the most helpful and motivational donors in our house and had a lot of fun conversation with him. He gave us so many ideas to do better in life at studies as well as career. I am really very grateful to meet and talk to him. Bruce uncle also came to visit us this month. I had many consultations with Bruce uncle too.We talked about our examinations, college, experience in Khushi Ghar and so on. He encouraged me to be better in my studies and life.

This month I also had many fun activities in my school. We had our Champions Gala. I participated in different games. I also had results of the second terminal examinations this month. I could have brought much nicer results than this time. And I will do better than this next time. I will study harder and be better than today.

I am always going to be thankful to my donors for  providing me with the best education. Thank you.

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