May Visit to Our Rural Students

Several times a year the HCC Nepal team heads into the mountains to check up on our Rise Students. These visits check on grades, health, family and they are great opportunities to recruit motivated students for the Peak program. 

This visit marked my second field trip to Dhading and Nuwakot, and it was particularly special. Being familiar with many of the students from my previous visit, I was delighted that they remembered me as well. Although the travel was exhausting, the sight of the students’ excited faces instantly revitalized me. Their warm greetings brought a broad smile to my face, making it evident that our presence brought mutual joy.

This trip surpassed the first one in many ways. I captured numerous photos and documented updates about the students. Engaging in conversations with them was immensely enjoyable, and it was heartwarming to see that they appreciated our interactions just as much. Overall, this experience was profoundly rewarding. -Pushpa

This Dhading field trip was the most exciting and amusing trip so far. It was also my first trip. I usually don’t like going on long trips and used to find them boring. But this time was different. Although we had gone for work, I didn’t feel exhausted and enjoyed 

interacting with other children and learning about their backgrounds. This trip also helped me experience more about village life. I was aware about the hcc’s incredible work in Dhading and  Nuwakot but this time i got to experience it myself. Before I didn’t used to interact much with others but on this trip I was able to open-up with everyone in the group. I think it was also because of the people I was close to and comfortable with. When I went out of the valley I got to know that I am lucky enough to live in kathmandu with all the privileges because the people in the village didn’t have the facilities that we have. This trip has helped me learn things like sometimes we have to compromise many things because life is different in every place. We also should learn to adjust according to the environment. I feel very thankful for including me in this trip.  – Pratima


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