Khushi Ghar Mentorship Sessions

Himalayan Children’s Charities Mentorship Program prepares our students for life after graduation by inspiring self-awareness, gratitude, and by encouraging each student’s individual talents, skills, and passions. With seminars on topics such as trust, communication, and philanthropy, the program helps to guide our students into a life of empowerment, dignity, self-esteem, and self-fulfillment.

Arya shares her experience,

“In December we held our final session of the mentorship program of the year 2023. This special session marked a whole year of learning together and was focused on time management. Prem, Arun and Anukaran led the session and started by discussing the important of good time management in our work and personal lives. Anukaran then brought in a burst of energy with a fun game to engage everyone about the topic. Arun helped him with the activity called the Mayo Jar. We split into groups and the activity showed us how to prioritize important things in life, and the giving the most time to these priorities. After the activity, each group was given a big sheet of paper to write down what they learned from the activity. The main lesson was practical tips for managing our time wisely and not missing out on the important things in our lives. Everyone had something important to add and I think it showed how each person understood the importance of balance. After the session, we celebrated the completion of the one-year program with delicious food and casual conversations. It was a nice time to look back at how we have grown and to talk about our different experiences.”


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