Kabita Reflects on Family


I am Kabita. I was born in a beautiful village named Dolakha. All my family members are in the village. I came from an economically weak background. My mother and father had a difficult time looking after me and for my education. I have six family members in my village. I was brought to an organization by my aunty who also settled in Kathmandu. She used to work in one of my teachers house. I came to Kathmandu because there was no one to look after me and for my further studies. My dream in life was to become a doctor and help my family. If I had stayed in my village I would have gotten married like most of my friends. My father cannot hear properly. He does not understand what other speak. So, it was very difficult for me to stay in my village. Both my father and mother works as a farmer in my village. 

But my life has changed a lot now I am getting a quality education where I can fulfill my dreams. I am getting to study the subject that I had always dreamt of. This is all because of HCC who has been supporting since I was in UKG [upper kindergarten]. I would not have such an opportunity if I was not supported by HCC. I have been learning new things in Khushi Ghar like cleaning, cooking, buying vegetables, getting involved in skills development training and many more. I have learned time management and to be a reliant and responsible person. We live as a group without any arguments and disputes. I also have an uncle and aunty who guides me to a right path, brothers and sisters who teach and support me. At HCC, we have various roles and responsibilities. As a member of HCC, we have certain criteria like we are made to help and support one another in need. Sometimes, we have various kinds of programs or meetings on the topic the time management, Financial issues, decision making, and many more.

For me, family is another important thing in life where we get protection, love, care and the framework of values to each of its members. Family are the people who is to be easily trusted. Everything can be shared with family.
So, I would like to thank all the members of HCC and sponsors who has always been there for me when I needed you. Your help and donation means a lot to me.
All the activeness in me is all because of you. Thank you for everything.