Himalayan Children’s Charities Student Updates: Barsa

HCC Nepal Barsa

HCC Nepal BarsaBarsa, originally from eastern Nepal, lost her father when she was a small baby. He died of complications due to alcoholism, leaving her young mother unable to care for her. She was brought to an orphanage by her grandmother, eventually making her way to HCC. 

I am Barsa studying in Grade 12 taking core management as my main subject. My board exam is after two months, and for better performance, I am studying accountancy in a private tutoring center which is a half an hour walk from Khushi Ghar. I want to build my career in the accountancy field and also for better marks I am taking this tutoring.

I am also tutoring two of the new students- Goma and Rama who are studying in Grade 9 and 10 respectively. The subject that they are getting help from me is Mathematics. It has been two and a half months and I am happy about it as I am getting to experience something new in the field of teaching. This is my first paying job. Goma and Rama are studying in a government school and they sometimes have a hard time understanding the terms in English. So, it’s challenging and also a good opportunity for me to teach them new subject matter each weekend, .i.e. on Saturday for two hours.

HCC Nepal Barsa with FriendBesides this, I am knitting a muffler and helping in Khushi Ghar. As my exam is approaching, I am devoting most of my time in studies. Last weekend we (Shristi, Siwani and I) went to Syambhunath, a Buddhist temple. Siwani was mesmerized by the beauty of the temple and it was her first visit to this temple. We went there on the occasion of Saraswati Puja (the day to worship the Goddess of Wealth).

Thank you for helping me and making my every day more glorious and beautiful.