Students Celebrate Earth Day by Gardening

HCC Nepal Earth Day

HCC Nepal Earth DayFrom after-school tutoring to organizing cleanups of Bal Mandir orphanage, HCC students are no strangers to giving back to their communities. Now HCC students are working to give back to the earth by forging environmentally sustainable solutions in their own backyard at Khushi Ghar.

Led by HCC Graduate Khil Bahadur Thapa, HCC Class of 2016, 20 students participated in a new solution to reusing waste through their Bottle Gardening Project. Students creatively recycled common waste items like Coke bottles, Fanta bottles, and curd pots by turning them into mini gardening pots to grow vegetables. Students are currently engaged in a friendly competition by dividing up into two teams and seeing how quickly they can coax a vegetable garden to grow. Students are growing chili, okra, coriander, and beans. Through this exercise in teamwork, students are also learning about sustainable practices for the environment and their own self-sufficiency. Students are now equipped to grow their own plants to provide economically and environmentally sustainable solutions to save money and protect the planet.

HCC Nepal Earth Day Gardening