Dhading Scholarships Field Report June 2017

HCCNepal - Dhading Scolarships Field Report 2017

On June, 6th, 7th, and 8th, HCC Staff Laxmi Karki and Khil Bahadur Thapa journeyed to Dhading with DP Aryal and Fun Kids Nepal to check on the progress of HCC students in the Dhading Children’s Initiative (DCI). Laxmi and Khil met with students, received updates on their individual academic progress and distributed scholarship funds for the next academic year. They also brought school educational support materials for the classrooms to use, including charts, the alphabet and numbers, and a world map.

After taking a 5-hour ride to Dhaka from Dhading Besi, HCC staff conducted a three-hour interview and scholarship distribution session with 32 students. While Laxmi collected academic reports to verify scholarships, Khil interviewed each student one by one to check up on both academic progress as well as the personal development and home environment of each student. They also repeated the same process for 8 students in Todke, ensuring that each student received individual attention from HCC. After three days, Laxmi and Khil returned to Kathmandu to report back to the HCC Kathmandu base on the status and progress of HCC students in Dhading.

We’re thrilled to hear about our students thriving and growing academically in Dhading, one of the districts most heavily burdened by the aftermath of the earthquake. There are plenty of students still in need of sponsorship. To sponsor a child in need, reach out to us at [email protected] for more information.

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