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Our students are amazing. They are kind, generous and grateful. We work hard to mentor our students and give them the confidence to reach their full potential, whatever that may be. But in the case of Nikesh, he takes our lofty expectations and raises them every time. Not only was he the first student to get his Master’s Degree, he secured a great job in Bangalore, and he inspires the younger students. Now we are thrilled (thrilled!!!!) to announce he will be pursuing a Doctoral Degree. He’s heading to South Korea for a Ph.D. in Neuropharmacology. Proud doesn’t even begin to express the way we feel about Nikesh, his ambition, and his drive. We are so honored to have him in the HCC Family and know he will continue to impress us. He wrote us as he’s planning his next step in his brilliant life:
It has been a great experience all along from my childhood since the time Uncle Bruce and Aunt Susan took me into HCC. I am extremely thankful for providing me with proper schooling and supporting me in almost every way.
I am always grateful for the support, love and care provided to me by HCC. Soon after I graduated from HCC, with Uncle Bruce’s support I got an opportunity to study for a Masters degree in Pharmacology in Bangalore, India. The two years in master’s degree helped to enhance my learning and eventually I could score very good marks. After spending two years in India I felt quite comfortable living in India and decided that working in India offers more job opportunities in comparison to Nepal. I started working in IQVIA, a human data science company as a Centralized Monitoring Coordinator for a couple of years. Meanwhile I was always focused on finding a PhD opportunity. It makes me very happy that Uncle Bruce always believed me and was quite positive about my decision to enroll in a PhD. Also I am very grateful to dad Barton for all the support and being there for me.
Recently I got selected for a PhD program in South Korea. I was able to get a full scholarship at Yeungnam University. I am very delighted to take up this opportunity but at the same time I am nervous. Moving into Korea is going to be a completely different culture and place. At the same time I am also excited to visit new places, learn new cultures and meet different types of people. I am really hoping that things go well. Getting a PhD degree in neuropharmacology is going to help me develop my career and after completion it will definitely help me become financially strong.
Being a senior member of the HCC family I urge all my friends, brothers and sisters to believe in themselves and continuously make an effort to do well in their studies, job and personal life. As we all are greatly affected by covid and all our plans might have changed but I waited hoping that things will get better. I think my wait has become worthwhile but I am still worried if the lockdown will happen again. I hope things will fall in place. For now I have not thought about anything until I reach Korea and start my course. I hope in the future I might return back to Nepal and contribute in the field of research.

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