Chet’s University Internship in Myagdi

Chet's University internship in Myagdi

I had college internship for a month in a district called Myagdi. Myagdi district lies in the western part of Nepal and it is a very remote area.

The district with the Beni as its headquarter covers an area of 2,297 km square. There is extreme  poverty and people have less access to health care facilities.

The main objectives of the college internship was to enhance our theoretical knowledge of practical knowledge. So, during my 1 month stay in Myagdi district I got opportunities  to learn and enhance my career. As a student of Bachelor’s degree in Public Health there is high hope for one to get job opportunities as a District Health Officer. So during  the college internship I got opportunities to learn the roles and responsibilities that the public health officer performs. I also learned how to plan various health related programs conduction with the coordination with various local non-governmental  organizations. The other thing I learned was how the budget for each program such as reproductive health, family health and child health programs are planned and organized.Chet's University internship in Myagdi

During my stay at Myagdi district I also had to visit various peripheral level health care units such as sub-heath, health post, primary health care center to learn about recording and reporting of various health information and to observe availability of infrastructure such as availability of ambulance, separate staff quarters, maternity ward availability  etc.

The other objectives of the college internship were to conduct Mini Action Projects based on emerging epidemiological diseases and I together with my group members  conducted awareness program on Non Communicable Disease (NCDs)along with blood pressure measurement camp. The  Mini Action Project was  very effective as the people in Myagdi district had a very basic knowledge on non-communicable diseases and they were not able to differentiate between communicable and non-communicable disease. We provided awareness on the risk factors of NCDs, prevention and control of NCDs and dietary pattern and lifestyle modification to prevent NCDs.

-Chet Kumari