Chadani Gives Thanks

Chadani is a strong student with a big personality. She enjoys math and is considering Accounting when she starts university next year. 


 For me, the feeling of gratitude comes from the acknowledgement of what you have been receiving and makes you to realize that you are blessed. Gratitude sows the seed of happiness and satisfaction within me. I am grateful for everything that I have. Gratitude is associated with positive emotions.

I have been supported by HCC since I was twelve years old. I am thankful that I have a nice home called Khushi Ghar where so many students like me live. I am thankful that I never go to bed with an empty stomach and always have food in my home. I am blessed with many brothers and sisters with whom I can be myself and share happiness together. I am thankful that I have such a huge and amazing family to rely on and be able to be showered with immense love and support. I am thankful that I have friends who never judge me for who I am and I am fortunate enough to receive their emotional support. More importantly, I am grateful to be a part of HCC and receive a quality education which have aided me in achieving a secured future.


Nothing makes me happier than being able to bring a change in someone’s life. Right now, I have been volunteering in old age home by sharing and listening to their heart touching stories. I was very pleased that I could give a company in their despair situation. I also volunteered in Nepal Association of Blind (NAB) where I realized that if I share something with the people I do not lose anything instead I will be respected and loved by all. I am proud to help all needy people around me. 


I am thankful for who I am today because if I had not been supported by HCC I would not have realized the true meaning of being grateful.


Much love,